Employee Benefits for the 21st Century(R)            

Employee Benefits for the 21st Century(R)                    

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If you can answer yes to any of these questions, a passport to the “Cloud” may be your solution:

Ø  Do you keep sensitive files on your laptop that could create issues if lost, damaged or stolen?

Ø  Do you carry a laptop, IPAD or net-book with you most of the time to be able to access data?

Ø  Do you travel for business and want to have access to files that are not on your laptop?

Ø  Do you pay for backup services for information that you store on your computer?

Ø  Is your machine often sluggish or are you constantly upgrading?

Ø  Is any of your software out of date?

Ø  If you have a secretary or associate, can both of you work with the same set of documents?

Ø  Can you easily share your calendar or documents with your associates?

Ø  Are you concerned about virus issues and security on your computer?

Ø  Are you ever without your computer or it was damaged or stolen and you need to access files?

Take a “Free test drive” on the cloud for 14 days. If you decide to create your own “cloud”, your costs are $69.95/mo for the first user, $64.95/mo for the second user and $59.95/mo for 3-10 users for your personal “cloud” with the following features:

ü  Storage of up to 5GB of Data, additional monthly cost of $3 per 5GB .

ü  Use of the latest Microsoft Office 2010 products: Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

ü  An Adobe reader and the ability to create Adobe documents.

ü  Personal file folders that only you can access.

ü  As long as you have access to the internet you can enter your Cloud from any computer.

ü  Shared file folders that you and other authorized users can access. Ability to add other programs to your “Cloud” for a setup fee per program and a monthly service fee.  These programs must be properly licensed or owned by the end user.  Additional services such as Microsoft Exchange available at an additional cost (contact us for costs for your setup).

ü  Ongoing backup of all of your information daily and a complete backup disk is available. 

ü  Individually designed programs are available by contacting us directly at info@cdesks.com.

ü  If you have a website or do any online advertising,, business promotions or would like for someone to chat directly, go to the  LiveChime Information Link. For only $99.95/year you can place this link on your website, on independent advertising on other websites. If you are not at your computer, you can respond through a text message sent to your smart phone.  There is nothing else out there with these features where your customer can chat with you directly.

If you have any questions email steve@sbm-marketing.com,call 1-800-584-2210 or you can chat for more information.  Signing up is easy if you are ready to get in the “CLOUD”.  Click this link to see how easy it is to get on the Cloud