Employee Benefits for the 21st Century(R)            

Employee Benefits for the 21st Century(R)                    

               Insurance and other benefits 
                 Creative Benefit Solutions
                  and SBM Marketing LLC

Stephen B. Miller CLU, ChFC

Stephen B. Miller CLU, ChFC has been in the insurance business for over 50 years.  Having retired from CIGNA in 1997 he is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Roundtable, a member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) , Mr. Miller is able to provide you with insurance programs to help you and your family.  He is also able to provide you with other programs and benefits through SBM Marketing LLC.

              Insurance Programs and Services Available
                 through Creative Benefit Solutions

Benefits for Students and Visitors to the United States: Medical coverage for foreign nationals visiting the US

Benefits for Students and Visitors to the United States: (Spanish Brochure)

Trip Insurance: Reimburse you for delays or cancellation of travel

ShadyGroveAdventist Hospital: Health Information resource

Medigap and Medicare Part D programs: contact me directly

    Products and Services through SBM Marketing,LLC

HGI Industries 

WELCOME TO THE CLOUD; Cloud services hosted by cdesks with a Microsoft Office package.   

LIVECHIME: Benefits to help you keep connected to the marketplace.

Americansall.org: A Social Legacy Network: For a $49.95 Fee you have access to a portal in the "cloud" where you can put a story about yourself or a family member.  Please go to the website to see all of the benefits that are available.

ROBOFORM: Can you remember your identities or passwords?  Are you looking for the security of being able to enter your secure websites from any of your machines? For additional information go to roboform.   


For additonal information please contact Stephen B. Miller CLU, ChFC,
301-896-0430, Cell: 240-481-8990  Fax 1(855)884-1919
Licensed to do business in Maryland, Virginia, DC, and Florida.